How to Write an Essay in Two Days

You can learn how to write an eight-page paper in two days if you have a well-developed outline. The planning process involves reading, summarizing, and outlining. It is also a good idea to discuss ideas with a group of classmates. The writing process involves transferring your ideas from an outline to paper. Editing the essay can be a rewarding experience. It will give you the opportunity to make any necessary revisions.

Avoid skimming over the essay question

You should avoid skimming over the essay question when writing it in two days. The essay prompt may contain subquestions and examples that you have missed. To avoid this, read the question several times and highlight important details. Make sure your answer matches the essay prompt. This will save you time and prevent you from making critical errors that may cost you marks. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

Write a draft before you start to review the essay question. Most word-processing software has a reviewing feature. When writing, workgroups are common in most businesses. Members critique one another’s work, and supervisors give feedback. When you do this, you’ll avoid skimming over the essay question, and this will give you the edge you need to write a winning essay.

Avoid skimming your body paragraphs

A good thesis statement and supporting body paragraphs can make or break your essay. You need to include sufficient information to back up your points and help readers understand what you are trying to say. The main body of your essay should contain a mixture of analysis and substance. Besides this, it should be backed up by textual evidence from primary sources. Don’t skim the paragraphs of your essay unless you really have to.

It’s a natural tendency to want to read the first few sentences of the paragraphs in detail. After that, try to avoid skimming, as this will lower your comprehension. Instead, read the first sentence in detail to determine the direction you should go next. Depending on the subject matter, your first sentence can be the topic sentence. A good topic sentence will summarize the idea of the paragraph, allowing you to skim it a bit more if you are confused.

Avoid tricking your teacher or instructor

The first thing you should avoid when writing an essay in two days is talking during the class. Talking in class will drive your teacher crazy. Instead, talk to your friends, whisper to them, or openly discuss the subject with your peers. You must also avoid asking questions, pretending like you don’t care, and not bothering to ask questions of your teacher. This tactic is not effective in a short time, but it works if you have an ample amount of time.

It is also important to avoid breaking small rules that teachers set for their classes. Breaking rules like turning in your essay a day late, or formatting it incorrectly, is an annoyance to your teacher. You must not make the teacher think that you are trying to cheat. Besides, teachers are always on the lookout for students who are sneaking their phones into class. That is a bad sign!

Find reliable information sources in advance

You’ve probably already identified dozens of sources, but now it’s time to decide how you’ll use them. Researching takes energy and time, so you need to know how to prioritize. Gather print and electronic sources, and rate them to determine their reliability. It’s a good idea to gather about eight or ten sources by the end of the chapter. You can then choose the most relevant sources and summarize them in a concise report.

The best way to find credible information sources is to use your local public or school library. Both of these places offer tons of books and magazines, and many have helpful librarians. Most schools and universities also have research databases and print and ebook resources. You can use resource-sharing partnerships with other libraries to find even more resources. Make the most of these resources by scheduling your research in advance. Remember, a few days ahead will make all the difference in the world.