To Those Special People In Our Field…

When you are one of those special people in the classroom, everyone can see that. Everyone can see that kids love coming to your classroom. They love being with you, even on those rare days when you aren’t quite at your best. They seek you out. They want to hear about you. They can’t wait to tell you their stories. And, you, the spectacular you, will genuinely listen. You form a relationship that lasts forever.

You’ll be there to hear their successes. You’ll be there to wipe away their tears. You’ll not only teach them the content and skills, but you will set the tone for everything that comes their way, long after they leave your classroom. And, you will do so without hesitation because your kids need to know that you see them as people and genuinely care about them cheap essays online.

You’ll be the one to speak up for them, even when they are no longer, technically, your students. But, you know, like all of the good ones know, that once they come through your doors, they are always your kid and that you will always be their biggest advocate. And, you will do so without hesitation because your kids need you.

You’ll be the one who sits up at night searching and creating those memorable lessons, projects, and experiences for your kids.

Instead of kicking back and watching TV, you are creating those impactful experiences, you are helping them grow into not only thoughtful learners, but good human beings. Instead of going straight home from work or enjoying a well deserved lunch break, you’ll stop at the Dollar Store to buy them things to make their days just a little brighter. Or, you’ll get up early and get them a treat to enjoy while they learn. You will think of ways to make their days better. And, you will do so without hesitation because your kids need to know that they matter and they are more than just a seat filler.

You’ll be the one to show them the “why” behind what they are learning. You’ll not only explain it and teach it, but you will continue to innovate, continue to re-teach, continue to give redos until they get it.

You not only care about your kids’ well being, but you also show it by being a great, thorough teacher in the classroom, having the highest of high expectations. And, you do this without hesitation because kids not only need you to care, but to arm them with the skills to change the world.

You’ll be the one that a boss will come to and ask you to take on another challenge, whether it’s starting a new program or taking on a new student.

They don’t ask you because they know you are up for the challenge and want to help. They ask you–and nobody else–because they know that you will design a program that will make things better for kids. They know that you can save a kid, not only turning their year around, but leaving that lasting impact that will carry them through life. You will show the kids that they have a fresh start, a new opportunity, and that you will always be there to help. And, you do this without hesitation because every kid, no matter how challenging, deserves an opportunity, deserves to be loved, deserves an education from a teacher who is all in, and deserves to know that they are not a burden.

You are all of those things and so much more to your kids. Because of that, you will get looks from colleagues. You’ll get those comments. Those comments meant to knock you down a peg get said just loud enough so you can hear them. Some colleagues will even hide from you, rather than acknowledge the job you are doing, rather than offer to help with a new student or new idea, and rather than admit that you could handle something that they cannot.

You may even be nervous about all of these challenges because of having to deal with extra scrutiny or even tenure. But, neither of those things will ever come into play. You see, you are that person because you were completely born to do this job in the way that you do it. You were born to give your whole heart to an ever growing group of kids. You were born to take on the kids who didn’t quite get what they needed in another room. You were born to teach them. You were born to care for them. You were born to go above and beyond what most others do or are capable of doing. You were born to save them.

Everyone sees that. Your bosses do, which is why they don’t hesitate to give their trust–the ultimate trust of helping a kid. Your colleagues do too.

The ones who share your passion admire your work, as you do with them. The ones who don’t share it, don’t get it, and take every opportunity to be negative. But, they still see it. They simply don’t have it.

So, there will be days when you doubt all of this. The worry will take over. The stress of trying to be all things to every kid will wear you down. The comments or avoidance from colleagues will sometimes get to you and even hurt considering that you are the first one to help, to offer resources. The lessons that fail, the lessons when kids don’t react the way we want can make us all question what all the effort was for. There will be nights that you, the strongest person, will break down.

It’s normal and it’s ok.

You are entitled.

But, you will wake up the next day, pick yourself up, and jump right back into it with every fiber of your being. How is this possible?

Well, like I said, you were born to do this. And, thankfully, you were because there are so many kids who need you. We all need you.

Thank you for inspiring me to do better each day. You have no idea how much I look up to you. You have no idea how much your passion, your inspiration, your willingness to give has made me try to do more and be more. I may never be able to be all that you are, but your inspiration has led me to continually strive for that each and every day. And, it is my privilege to call you a colleague.

You are exactly what is right about this profession.

Thank you for being you.