The Teacher and The Admin Chat with Edustar Angela Stockman on the latest pod!

Angela Stockman is a national consultant, best selling author, and all around good person.

In the latest episode of The Teacher and The Admin podcast Gary and Kris speak with Angela Stockman. Angela is a passionate educator who has penned several educational books including Make Writing, Hacking the Writing Workshop, and Hacking School Culture. Angela has served as an inspiration to us, encouraging us to expand our thinking, take risks, and share our ideas on education.

We have worked with Angela for several years and found her to care more about what is right than what is the right thing to say. She is a courageous educator who is champion for all. She tirelessly promotes equity in schools and encourages fellow educators to think differently about how students access literature and express their ideas.

It was truly an honor to have Angela on our show. The conversation was one you will not want to miss. Angela is unafraid to share her thoughts, ask difficult questions, and advocate for the underdog. Her authenticity is apparent in this episode. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it!

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If you would like to know more about Angela or would like to have her work in your school, her Bio is below:

Angela Stockman is a teacher, an author, and an international literacy consultant with a passion for making and writing. She spent over a decade facilitating writing workshops in her own classroom before stepping out to support other teachers and the writers they love. She spends most weekdays working beside them and many weekends and summers leading Make Writing Pop Up Studio sessions for K-12 students and interested educators. You may find her on the web at, on Twitter @AngelaStockman, or through email: [email protected]

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