1st Annual #KidsFirst Educator Award

Exactly one year ago today, we published our first piece on this site. This site started because we wanted to be a voice in education. We each had over 20 years of experience in education and, while we knew we didn’t have all of the answers, we hoped that our stories, our experiences, and our passion for education would promote thought, inspiration, and, of course, change.

We are truly grateful for the response and the conversation that has been cultivated over the past year. We hope that we’ve made even a fraction of the impact that everyone has made on us. We are grateful for everyone reading. We are grateful for the response, the passion, and the ideas that have been exchanged on our site and over social media. We are grateful for the deeper connections we’ve made with educators and the new connections we have made with educators all over the world. We know that we are better educators because of our relationships with everyone.

We are absolutely excited for what year two of The Teacher And The Admin will bring. 

The #KidsFirst Educator Award

While we did focus and will continue to focus on the needed change in education, we also recognize that there are so many great people in education who come to work each and every day with the sole intention of making school a great place for kids. Most, if not all, of that great work goes unnoticed. To celebrate our one year anniversary, we wanted to start a new tradition: The Teacher and The Admin #KidsFirst Educator Award.

We want to recognize the great educators who work each and every day to help kids, teach kids, and make their lives better. Complete this nomination form by December 29, 2018 to recognize someone you believe is a #kidsfirst educator. Finalists will receive a digital badge, an award certificate from The Teacher and The Admin, and recognition on our Hall of Fame page. Top nominees will be considered for an upcoming article as well. 

So, nominate your colleagues who are doing excellent work for kids and allow us to celebrate them,.